Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sleep Through The Pain

Exercise in authenticity... Q&A:

Q) Why is my sleep schedule so messed up sometimes?
A) Here's the short version...

Illness & Injury = Chronic Pain,
Chronic Pain = Insomnia,
Insomnia = Loneliness/Boredom,
Loneliness/Boredom = Over-thinking,
Over-thinking = Anxiety,
Anxiety = Frustration,
Frustration = Burnout,
Burnout = Sadness,
Sadness = Exhaustion,
Exhaustion = Sleep through the pain.

By the time that process runs it's course and you finally do pass out, you already know you are messed up. You know you have already failed at being a "normal" person tomorrow.

So yes, I am aware that I sleep at strange hours sometimes. I am generally there when it happens. No, it is not my preferred mode of living. And yes, there are complicated reasons, which most people are probably not very interested in, which involve a lot more than simply "going to bed".

And my dear wife (bless her awesome heart) sees me through all of it, and I am very grateful to not be alone in my journey.

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