Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Step Forward

So far in my infrequent and disjointed blogging, I have generally tried to leave specific personal details out of my writing. I originally decided to do things that way in order to maintain a certain amount of privacy while still being able to post my writing in public view for anyone to read.

However, due to the cumulative effect of some recent events, I have decided that I want to take a step forward in what I write about, and how I write it. Therefore, I will be attempting to write more frequently, and more openly from now on.

I am choosing to make this change in the way I blog partly due to a challenge issued last weekend in a global address given by one of the leaders of my church. The challenge was to not be afraid to stand up and be who we really are, to not be afraid of sharing our beliefs about the important truths we hold dear in life. To embrace our most important values in life, and share them freely with anyone who will listen.

So not that anyone actually reads my blog (admittedly there hasn't been much here to read), but here goes:  My name is Chuck. I am in my mid thirties. I have a family. I am a Christian, and I hate politics but can't resist a good political discussion. I love food, I'm a sucker for those travel shows on PBS, and yet I am often found playing video games and bobbing my head to some good dubstep, or some Chopin depending on the day.

So anyway, none of that information really changes anything, but it's a start.  :)