Thursday, January 26, 2012

Election Year Politics

Election year politics drives me nuts. I am continuously baffled at the notion of human beings amending their identity so thoroughly as to doggedly adopt the stance of any one political party. The logical approach would seem to suggest that both sides of a two party system are going to have some valid points. Neither side is ever going to have a monopoly on reason, or virtue.

This strange behavior seems to manifest itself most noticeably through the adamant assertion that everything the [insert your party here] candidate has ever done is beyond reproach, and everything that the [insert opposing party here] candidate has ever done must (of course) be deplorable and treacherous.

Further more: if the incumbent is a [insert opposing party here], your top priority is to blame any and all existing problems on the current administration, regardless of the scope, prerequisite causal factors, or length of history relating to said problems. Linking current issues to their full context and factual track record, is just a distraction tactic... right?

The eternally adversarial nature of a two party system is, at the end of the day, a total joke and I for one am sick of it. Look at all the asinine blocking, finger-pointing, and subversive party-wide campaigning happening on capitol hill right now. Our elected "representatives" are essentially throwing up a collective middle-finger to the people of America, whom they are sworn to serve. While the citizens of this nation continue living in a society bereft of adequate upkeep, both sides of the aisle are getting next to nothing done for us, because (of course) it's an election year. Apparently "election year" means all elected representatives get to take a 12-month paid vacation, punctuated periodically by strategic mud-slinging sessions.

What ever happened to plain and simple patriotism? ONE nation under God, indivisible... INDIVISIBLE?! The politics are utterly and absolutely out of control in America, and it is high time we wake the hell up and realize it. It's really starting to feel like the only thing lacking to make this a genuine civil war are the guns! Quit being party-driven robots, people ...the system is broken. No amount of blind cheering for either side of the aisle is going to solve anything.

So anyway... calm down, quit campaigning for a minute, and go read the constitution. I'm not kidding, go read it- it's a lot shorter than that Harry Potter novel you've been meaning to finish. And hey, if you pay attention- you just might get a whiff of what true patriotism, a genuine desire for freedom, and a real commitment to equality... smells like.

I won't try to put into words what capitol hill smells like right now.


  1. I LOVE your sentence structure, vocabulary, and the way your writing flows like poetry. Not to mention the substance and points your post makes. I love it! I love getting to read a little piece of your thoughts!